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  Quality Management

How can our company:

  • deliver products, which meet customer needs?
  • deliver these products within specified timeframes?
  • make teamwork more effective?
  • deal with changing customer requirements?
  • raise the quality of the products?

Software Development Process

The Software Development Process in Novosoft is based on the Rational Unified Process. The Rational Unified Process helps to describe the processes involved in software engineering. It provides a disciplined approach to assigning tasks and responsibilities within a software-development organization and includes most contemporary advancements in software engineering (the object-oriented approach, the controlled iteration development model, etc.). RUPís goal is to ensure the development of high-quality software that meets the needs of its end-users, while having been developed within a specific schedule and budget. Novosoft employs many RUP-based process templates when building software systems (web applications of different scales, business support systems, network applications, etc.). For instance, our use of RUPís iteration model allows us to smoothly incorporate changing customer requirements into a projectís final system architecture, so that we can tailor the end product to meet our customerís real needs.

Project Management System

Novosoft Project Management System is Lotus Notes-based business support system for storing, tracking, and analyzing data from our software projects. All development activities are logged, so that project managers, as well as the customers, can obtain information about team output on a regular basis. Such monitoring enables our projects to remain true to their predetermined budgets. This system also allows us to more effectively manage our resources. Statistical analysis of project history data is used to more precisely supervise project development, which in turn, allows for more accurate planning of future projects.

CMM: A fundamental tool for process improvement

The SEI Software Capability Maturity Model (CMM) was adopted by Novosoft as a framework for continuous software-development-process improvement. The use of CMM enables an organization to steadily improve its organization-wide software processes to reap continuous and lasting gains in software-process capability. CMM helps a firm to identify the characteristics of effective software processes, which the firm, in turn, can tailor and apply to its own software processes in accordance with maturity level recommendations.