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Handy Backup 4.0 - new version of file backup and restore utility Backup and Restore

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New product release - Handy Backup 4.0.

Handy Backup 4.0 evaluation version is provided with 30 days trial period. During this time you will be able to try all its features and decide if you really like our product and want to buy it.

Visit to read more about Handy Backup 4.0 and download trial versions.

November 19, 2002 – Novosoft, Inc. releases v3.9 of Handy Backup utility.

All registered users of this product can upgrade 3.x version to 3.9 completely free of charge! Any previous versions can be upgraded seamlessly with all previous data preserved on your system. The configuration settings will be automatically transferred across.

In 3.9 release were added such new features as:

Special plugin to backup registry data (installed separately).

  • E-mail notification about operation results;
  • Improved timestamp settings; Options to autorefresh the Files View;
  • Option to apply masks to folders;
  • Drag&Drop from Windows Explorer;
  • Speed selection for CD-RW burning;
  • Tray icon displays status of current operation;
  • Special icons to display items statuses in the Items View

Now you can order Handy backup plugins separately, or in bundle with perfectly flexible prices.

Visit to read more about Handy Backup 3.9 and download trial versions.

Orange SA, one of the world's leading communications companies, started testing Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger in Thailand.

Now more then 850.000 Orange Thai mobile subscribers can use ICQ service via their own GSM standard mobile phones.

Novosoft MIM is a Mobile Presence and Instant Messaging service providing GSM subscribers with access to Internet Messaging networks directly from their mobile phones. Bringing together the worlds of mobile users and wired Internet Messaging communities, it allows mobile operators to extend their package of value-added services with cutting-edge operator-branded Mobile IM solution.

Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger provides not only message exchange between ICQ users by means of the mobile phone, but also management of the ICQ contact list, viewing of users presence status in the Internet, search in ICQ database and support of national languages. Thus, Orange subscribers in Thailand can use Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger sending thier messages in Thai language.

Novosoft released a new version of Handy Backup.

Handy Backup 3.7 is finally available for all registered users. All users of this product can upgrade 3.x version to 3.7 completely free of charge!

Besides a bug fixing in the new version of Handy Back Up the following features were added:

  • Option to erase CD before making backup;
  • Improved security for FTP backups (MD4/MD5 password support);
  • Command line interface for professional users;
  • Import/export of all settings and registration status;
  • Windows XP compatible user interface and a number of visual improvements;
  • Temp folder selection;
  • New synchronization options;
  • Option to execute all items through the agent menu;
  • Inclusion/exclusion of files through the Files View.

In addition to Handy Backup Novosoft now offers two special plugins designed to facilitate the backup of MS Outlook and ICQ data. These plugins should be installed separately, but they are also available on the Novosoft web site. Visit to read more about Handy Backup plugins and download trial versions.

The project for USA Department of Energy (DoE): the 3rd phase comes to an end.

The solution being developed in the framework of the project allows users to considerably simplify analytical work with large data arrays. At present time, the prototype (stand-alone application) has already been developed. This 3rd phase of the project anticipates the development of the full network solution to be finished in autumn.

Two components of the system have been already implemented: Win32 application for processing input data and browser written in Java (stand-alone and applet versions). The chosen architecture enables to create in future the distributed information system intended for analyzing hierarchically structured data.

"Novosoft" has successfully completed a project for The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

In accordance with customer’s requests, "Novosoft" completed customization of a financial system Platinum SQL in a large lumber company where EBRD is one of the stockholders.

After thouroughly examining company’s informational system, experts from Novosoft re-engineered the system, optimizing the internal business-processes and improving functional capabilities. Platinum SQL configuration was modified and integrated with the "bank-client" software application.

On October, 19 Novosoft Inc. was awarded IBM Premier Partner status within the framework of PartnerWorld for Software program.
The highest level of partnership means not only recognition of Novosoft's excellence but also an ever-greater range of possibilities for our customers around the world. It will allow Novosoft to bring its work to a new level, offering the best prices on a range of IBM products, highly efficient and reliable information systems on the basis of IBM technologies, comprehensive technical support and training.

In August, 29 Novosoft web site was qualified to use the IBM e-business Mark Logo.

The e-business Mark is intended to mean that a site is conducting e-business, is using IBM products or services, and that these products and services can be used to help make the site more reliable, scalable or secure.


Novosoft, Inc. today announced that it won the SIMagine Innovation Award at the 3_d GSM World Congress in Cannes, France as a result of the company's participation in the 2001 Worldwide GSM and Java Card Developers Contest.
The 3_d GSM World Congress was the largest international gathering of leading mobile telephony providers, hardware manufacturers, and software development companies specializing in wireless communication to date. The Congress included the culmination of the SIMagine 2001, Worldwide GSM and Java Card Developers Contest, which was organized to promote a wide range of wireless communication services offered by GSM providers. The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is the international roaming standard for wireless phones and has more than 452 million users in 160 countries accounting for approximately 70 percent of the world market.

Novosoft presented two advanced wireless solutions in the contest: Remote Control and Mobile Instant Messenger. Both of the solutions won acclaim from the leading manufacturers of telecom equipment and software represented in the conference.

Remote Control Application allows users of GSM phones to monitor a wide range of network-connected devices, from home appliances to industrial equipment. Since Novosoft's solution operates through wireless phone networks it is works over greater distances than other remote control applications based on Bluetooth, HomeRF, or Jini. In turn, it provides a low-cost, efficient way to control connected devices and to check their status from almost any location.

Mobile Instant Messenger allows owners of regular GSM handsets to access ICQ, AOL, or MSN instant messengers, or any other messaging network without having to directly connect to the Internet. Users can send and receive messages, create and modify contact lists, see the status of online users, access message histories, and do many other tasks as well.

Both of Novosoft's solutions provide competitive, value-added services that will be of use to many GSM operators worldwide. Remote Control opens new horizons for manufacturers of network-controlled equipment to increase the value of their products and services. Mobile Instant Messenger will appeal to the multitude of Internet messaging service users - over 100,000,000 people worldwide - and to the users of GSM Short Message Service (SMS).

For more information on Novosoft's involvement in the SIMagine 2001 event, please contact Vitaly Soukhovsky or Andrey Deriabin via phone +7 (3832) 39-53-68 or 33-37-96 or email

Novosoft has been selected to take part in the SIMAGINE 2001, WORLDWIDE GSM & JAVA CARD DEVELOPER CONTEST! Bull, Sun Microsystems, and a number of other major players in the GSM and IT market are sponsoring the competition. The goal of the contest is the development of an application for JavaCard compliant GSM SIM cards. Novosoft's team is to participate in the competition against 41 other teams, all of which were selected from 110 entrants in the "company or independent" category of the contest. These teams have until January 31, 2001 to complete and submit their JavaCard applications. The winners of the competition will be announced at an Awards Gala in Cannes, France on Feb 22, 2001 and can receive up to 25, 000 Euros for first place.

SIM card technology allows GSM operators to deploy new services quickly and easily through the creation of applets and server applications in the Java programming language. After a GSM operator makes such an application available to their phone-network users, the users only need to download and install the applet in order to take advantage of the new services. Now there are no more hassles with proprietary standards or phone incompatibility! Novosoft's support of the development of GSM/JAVA SIM card technology shows the firm's commitment to the furtherance of emerging technologies.

Novosoft expands to Japanese market. After first positive experience of work with Japanese companies, Novosoft tries to facilitate the mutual comprehension with Japanese customers. Since we strongly believe that mutual comprehension with customers is the crucial point of successful relationships in sphere of productive software development, company has created its web presentation in Japanese pressing towards entering the Japanese marketplace. Japanese version here: