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  Java Tools


Zebra is a technology which facilitates an application development process by providing a specialized UML Behavioral Models code generator for Java and Zebra runtime environment. One of the main application fields is web-development. Zebra technology allows for rapid web-application development based on Java Servlet or mixed Java-non-Java technologies. Zebra supports development of JSP, XML, and WAP user interfaces. Besides that Zebra provides interfaces to CORBA, SOAP, JMS middleware technologies.


C2J is a translator which translates C++ programs to Java programs.

C2J is being developed using C++ language. But C2J is available as native executable for Win32 platforms as well as Java application which runs where Java Virtual Machine is implemented (i.e. on Win32, Unix etc.).

NS UML Library

Novosoft NS UML library is widely used within Novosoft to construct code generators and to map various UML models for programming languages like Java, C++, SQL, etc. It can also be very useful for tool builders to develop facilities for object-oriented software. NS UML is now used in a core of an open source UML tool -- ArgoUML (


FL is the OO CASE technology that dramatically reduces the development cost and application support. FL consists of a core run-time library and special UML code generaors for Java. FL helps you design JAVA applications working with databases. Design in UML™ terms using the Rational Rose. The only thing you have to do is to build an information model of the system and FL generates a JAVA and SQL code using state-of-the-art Novosoft's OR mapping algorithm. It is the simple way to work with a database.

SQL Pretty Printer

The Pretty Printer takes SQL statements as the input and then presents it in a structured way complete with proper indentation for sub clauses and capitalization of keywords. It is implemented with using of our SQL parsing technology.