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  SQL Pretty Printer

The Pretty Printer takes SQL statements as the input and then presents it in a structured way complete with proper indentation for sub clauses and capitalization of keywords. It is implemented with using of our SQL parsing technology.

There is a tool at Novosoft called SQL parser. It completes syntax parsing of DML (data manipulation language) statements for ORACLE v8 and DB2 v6 SQL dialects. These statements include INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT statements. It also can parse certain DDL (data definition) statements such as CREATE TABLE and CREATE VIEW.

The tool is used over three years in commercial product. Pretty Printer just demonstrates the ease of use of our SQL parser. It can be integrated with many other tools since the key idea is to present the statements parsed in a generic, dialect-independent internal format (abstract syntax tree).

Demo is set by default for syntax parsing of DML statements for and DB2 v6 SQL dialects.

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